About Us
Fabrication Of Road Spikes Akhtar Engineering Works Quetta
  • Where can you work?

    Our work is limited to Balochistan only but our products can sell all around Pakistan.

  • What are your Products?

    WATER TANK, stone crusher and SPRAY MACHINE for Bituminous coal ( For Road Construction) are our 3 main products.

  • What are your Services?

    Manly for providing design fabrication facilities to engineering sector in Pakistan with a view to share in the economic development of Pakistan’s Industrial sector by providing high quality technical, Mechanical and allied services.

  • Testimonial
    • Mercy Corps Issued Appreciation letter to Akhtar Engineering Works in 1999.
      Mercy Corps
    • Thomassen Service Far East Pte Ltd issued latter of appreciation to Akhter Engineering works in 1999.
      Thomassen Service Far East Pte Ltd
    • Appreciation letter by Children Hospital Quetta.
      Children Hospital Quetta
    • Appreciation letter by Merck on completing many projects. AEW Worked for Merck.
    • Appreciation letter by "The Quetta Distillery PVT. LTD" for Akhter Engineering Works.
      The Quetta Distillery PVT. LTD
    • Serena Hotel Quetta issued Letter of Appreciation to Akhtar Engineering Works on our best performance.
      Serena Hotel Quetta
    • Letter of Appriciation by Albario Engineering PVT. LTD.
    • Supply and Installation several products in Children Hospital Quetta.
      Appreciation letter by Siemens
    • Appreciation latter for the fabrication and Installation of boiler at Habibullah coastal power.
      Appreciation Letter by BWG
    • Letter of Appreciation by Fiat Avio on fabrication and manufacturing of steam blowing equipment.
      Fiat Avio
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